S 0016 Relief of Charles Pandrea by the North Broward Hospital District
S 0026 Relief of Thomas and Karen Brandi by Haines City
S 0080 Public Records
S 0082 Postsecondary Education Tuition and Fee Waivers
S 0086 Agricultural Land Classification and Assessment
S 0088 Threatening Violence Using a Firearm
S 0096 Eligibility for Appointment as a Medical or Clinic Director
S 0100 Tobacco Settlement Agreements
S 0102 Payment of Health Care Claims
S 0118 Expunction of Criminal History Records
S 0122 Sports Franchise Facilities
S 0124 Homestead Tax Relief
S 0126 Public Officers and Employees
S 0140 Openly Carrying a Handgun
S 0150 Controlled Substances
S 0166 Alcoholic Beverages
S 0188 Vacation Rentals
S 0212 Animal Hoarding
S 0214 Division of Historical Resources
S 0222 Recovery Care Services
S 0256 Florida Center for the Partnerships for Arts Integrated Teaching
S 0260 Threats to Kill or Do Bodily Injury
S 0262 Health Insurance
S 0278 Local Tax Referenda
S 0286 Human Trafficking Education in Schools
S 0320 Dogs in Vehicles
S 0322 Public Records and Meetings/Unsolicited Proposals
S 0324 Fireworks
S 0326 Alternative Treatment Options for Veterans
S 0330 Local Business Taxes
S 0332 Public-private Partnerships
S 0334 Prejudgment Interest
S 0342 Public Records/Physician Abortion Reports
S 0344 Regional Counsels
S 0348 Termination of Pregnancy
S 0394 Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
S 0418 Soldiers’ and Heroes’ Monuments and Memorials Protection Act
S 0522 Deferred Presentment Transactions
S 0524 Sales and Use Tax on Investigation and Detective Services
S 0526 Mammography Reports
S 0528 Health Insurance
S 0530 Health Insurance
S 0610 Firearms
S 0616 Concealed Weapons or Firearms
S 0618 Concealed Weapons and Firearms
S 0620 Concealed Weapons or Firearms
S 0622 Concealed Weapons or Firearms
S 0624 Body Cameras
S 0626 Concealed Weapons or Firearms
S 0640 Concealed Weapons or Firearms
S 0644 Openly Carrying a Handgun
S 0646 Weapons and Firearms
S 732 Physician Assistants
S 740 Hospital Districts
S 748 Florida Court Educational Council
S 754 Trauma-informed Services for Children
S 904 Impeachment and Suspension of State Attorneys and Public Defenders
S 906 Student Assessments
S 1176 Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials Certification
S 1244 Subpoenas in Investigations of Sexual Offenses
S 1248 Breach of the Peace
S 1358 Reentry into the State by Certain Persons


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Campaign to Elect Greg Steube
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